If you’re in the North Carolina area looking out for a stolen Golden Itasha Nissan Cube, you can call your search off.

A bizarre story out of North Carolina came across my Facebook feed. A reported stolen Itasha style Nissan Cube allegedly stolen from an apartment has been found 100 percent intact, with no parts stolen or stripped. The unusual thing is that this particular Nissan Cube wasn’t actually stolen in the first place.

Check out a screenshot of the initial plea for help to find this Nissan Cube along with an update that’s been proven to be false.

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Nissan Cube owner Christoper Zegura, who goes by @UselessMiata on Instagram, first reported his Nissan Cube stolen on January 13. The anime and Itasha community being the tight knit community it is, sent out an APB of sorts on social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and presumably Twitter, too.

Here’s a Reddit thread that popped up shortly after.

Stolen Itasha Nissan Cube!! from r/Itasha

With a distinct Itasha style wrap and literally thousands of eyes on the lookout for it, this Nissan Cube would soon be found.

An update from Christoper allegedly said it’s been found by local police, that his Nissan Cube’s been chopped up and parted out.

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Assuming the worse, a GoFundMe was setup shortly after, Christopher soliciting donations from anyone who wanted to help out.

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A few days went by until, earlier this weekend, someone spotted this distinct Nissan Cube on the back of a tow truck. Also, another at a nearby auction house in the area spotted the Nissan Cube shortly after.

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In light of this new evidence, Christoper explained himself over Instagram stories. I’ve linked most of his story here. It’s 17 parts so I’m not keen to post the entire thing.

TL;DR Christoper allegedly co-signed with his Mom for the Nissan Cube. Apparently his Mom pulled a quick one on him, authorized the repossession of the car without Christopher’s knowledge, left him high and dry without his pride and joy, and didn’t even give him the option to make payments to completion on his own terms.

According to Christopher, donations received over GoFundMe will be refunded since help was asked with false pretense.

There you have it, the mystery of the stolen Itasha Nissan Cube is solved.

Hopefully, Christopher gets to build another Itasha better than ever, this time with a car that’s 100 percent his.


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