These kids were acting like little brats, throwings eggs at cars. This Toyota Tundra gave them a healthy dose of instant karma.

Water balloons at cars might be OK in my book because it’s just water but when these kids got caught throwing eggs at Felipe Falcon’s truck, he taught them a lesson they’d never forget. Instead of driving away, he made them wash all the egg off and in return he wouldn’t tell their parents.

Check out the video going viral on Facebook below.

Uploaded earlier last week on Monday, with a three day weekend, these kids chose the wrong day to prank this truck, Felipe had time.

You can immediately see the regret on these kids faces as they realized they all messed up. At least these kids stuck around to deal with the consequences. Most kids would probably all scatter and run away.

Throwing eggs might seem like a harmless prank but kids do not know how damaging to car paint eggs can be. Upon impact, sharp egg shells can penetrate a car’s clear coat, damaging the protective layer that protects a car’s base coat.

And, if you let egg sit on paint, sulfer turns acidic since it’s an acid forming mineral. Sulfer in eggs starts to chemically etch itself into paint, causing cracks and deterioration, potentially thousands of dollars in damage.

While a simple blast of water probably would’ve cleaned up the egg on this Toyota Tundra, I love that he made those kids give his truck a full wash.

I vividly remember the times when I was a kid and got caught doing pranks to other people. The embarrassment and shame I felt stuck with me and, as long as these kids are somewhat normal, probably stuck with them too.

Bravo, Felipe, for taking some time teaching these kids a lesson. A bit of hard work for not telling their parents is a good deal any kid would take.

Ironically, the parents will probably end up seeing this video, anyway.

Have you ever taught a lesson to a kid that’s not yours? What happened? Let me know in the comments below.



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