Backpacks and wallets are popular JDM accessories and now Bride is finally getting in the game with a handful of official accessories.

Someone had the bright idea to repurpose some old Bride seat fabric into a backpack and, from there, the concept really took off. Someone else added Takata seatbelts and the modern JDM backpack was born. That was years ago and Bride Seats, seeing how popular they became, now have their own official backpack along with a helmet bag, seatbelt pad, and a handful of other official accessories.

Check out their official post on Facebook announcing their new products below.

Here’s what you’re used to seeing, a generic black backpack with a Bride main front pouch and five-point harness style seatbelts as shoulder pads.

Those “fake” ones are cheap. Priced around $40, it’s no wonder they became so popular after some time. And a quick watch of a review reveals why they’re so cheap, they are not for heavy use. A handful of car shows a year, sure, but for everyday use, these JDM backpacks will be torn it in no time.

These official Bride backpacks are sure to be more durable and just look better compared to these fake ones. People choose Bride products because of the quality. Just take a look at how their seats are made via their official website here. Seat buckets are hand-formed and any machined touches are given a once over by a human, not to mention the dozens of quality control checks along the way. If their seats are this meticulously made, imagine the quality of their backpacks.

Interestingly enough, Bride’s gone with a different design than the ones floating around, largely, Bride uses more seat fabric than generic backpacks.

$140 might sound like a lot for a backpack but at least it’ll last more than one car show and you can brag to all your mates this one’s the real deal.

No word when they’ll be available for order online but I assume soon. Bookmark or follow them on Facebook for official updates.


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