If you never saw the official press photo for yourself, you’d think he was actually driving this Audi RS6.

Twitter user @EvoAntony spotted self-proclaimed car influencer Tom Howard, who goes by @TR_Howard on all social media, carving it up in an Audi RS6 Avant. Antony, in the know with the latest cars since he’s in the industry, saw this same photo before except with someone more official behind the wheel. It turns out Tom Howard just photoshopped himself behind the wheel of this Audi RS6, a snap straight from Audi’s press packet.

Here are Tom’s photos still available on his Instagram. Here’s a mirror just in case those photos are deleted.

And here’s an official press shot straight from Audi’s press packet. You can find the rest of Audi’s press packet photos on this website. They’re also on Audi UK’s media website but I don’t have access yet.

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Keen eyes will notice that not only has Tom airbrushed the plates out, he’s also tagged himself at Peak District National Park, an upland area in England at the southern end of the Pennines. Presumably this park’s got a nice bit of driving road and is where Audi snapped these photos.

Antony was even savage enough to tag Nick Stafford, the real driver in the Audi photos.

According to Tom in his Instagram comments he’s driven this Audi RS6, inserting his comparison with this spicy new model with the previous generation.

The one I’ve driven is way more accomplished, smoother and more planted – but the outgoing model was pretty hard to fault, so not massively different if I’m honest!

I’ll take his word that he’s driven this C8 RS6. Scrolling through his social timelines, he’s driven this caliber of car and higher. I’m guessing when he drove this Audi RS6 he forgot to schedule a photog to come along with. To save some time, Tom just put his face in a press photo, not the worst thing in the world but probably not a good look now that we’ve all found out.

Tom Howard is the founder of The Gentleman Racer LTD, a brand empowerment agency who describe themselves as “the destination for brands who want to build, grow, and sustain their online presence and business.”

If I was a brand working with The Gentleman Racer I’d reverse image all photos I’ve paid for just to be sure.

Learn from his mistake, just use your own press drive photos.


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