It’s orange, has over six times the power of a stock Miata, and honestly it wasn’t a matter of if but when.

It’s a little damaged but not something a bit of wrenching, bodywork, and a repaired ego can’t fix. According to Hellcat Miata owner Michael Kelly on Instagram earlier yesterday (Feb. 10,2019) the photos circulating around the internet of the world’s only Hellcat Miata are true and the little orange monster with a supercharged heart from FCA spun out on some grass and crashed.

Check out the photos from the scene of the crash and a statement from the owner below.

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The initial crash photos make the damage a lot worse than it is. With more than half of the bumper ripped out and one side of the Hellcat Miata submerged in some grass, the damage looked bad.

But, in the updated photos if you scroll through Michael Kelly’s statement, you can see damage is more than repairable, this orange hellraiser will definitely live to see another day.

When I first heard about the Hellcat Miata, I could’nt believe my eyes until I saw a couple of viral videos of this NB Miata doing its thing.

Stock, these roadsters weigh around 2,300 pounds. According to the Hellcat Miata’s rolling road tune, to the wheels, this Miata was putting down 650 HP. Unmolested NB Miatas put around 104 HP to the wheels.

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ll remember when the first round of LS swapped Miatas came out, that’s right, there are dozens of Miatas with Corvette engines roaming around. They even have official LS Swap kits. I thought that was nuts.

But this Hellcat Miata is a different beast and I’m sort of not surprised this one spun out.

I’m glad to hear this damage is repairable and I hope it lives a long, accident-free life from now on.


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