Funny thing is this isn’t the first time someone’s hopped a ride on Muni Metro like this.

You pay some monies and you get to ride inside the Muni Metro, but if you’re like this broke Muni Metro rider, you can risk life and limb and ride on the rail coupler out back. Twitter user @BasedBreadBowls shared a hilarious and frightening video showing some broke (or just bored) San Francisco State student hitching a ride, quite literally, on the back of a Muni Metro train.

Check out the SFSU student doing his hare-braned best below.

Riders inside got a good glimpse of this rider’s nonplussed face.

Several commenters identified this as the M Ocean View rail line, a 26 stop line that runs the length of San Francisco, from Embarcadero Station in the Financial District all the way to City College of San Francisco in Balboa Park.

While this video makes this little stunt look super fast and although Muni Metro train lines can hit 50 MPH, these trains barely crack 30 MPH and saunter along at 20 MPH. Still, at around 10,000 pounds a train, there’s some serious energy going on.

At $2.25 a ride for most passengers, if you’re truly broke that can be $2.25 too much. That’s why I think this kid’s just bored and jumped on a coupler while the light rail was parked at some intersection.

Still, it’s super dangerous and no one with a working brain cell should consider attempting this.

Here one homeless dude probably taking this dangerous rail ride more out of necessity than anything.

I haven’t seen any official news or police reports reprimanding this kid so, until I hear otherwise I’m going to assume this kid’s doing OK.



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