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Just like Best Motoring and Hot Version ceased making DVDs and embraced internet-only uploads, it looks like Keiichi Tsuchiya is doing the same thing. According to DK on his social media channels earlier yesterday (Feb. 10, 2020) he’s launched his official Youtube channel and already uploaded a short intro video. Check out his first video below.

His channel isn’t obvious and if you search his name, nothing will come up except the normal DK type videos. If you try “K1Planning,” you’ll have some luck.

Keen eyes will notice that this channel’s much older. First launched in Sep 1, 2009, Keiichi’s been sitting on this username for close to fifteen years and only now started uploading.

I don’t know what videos he’ll be producing, but if his first upload is a vibe check of what’s in store, a professional vlog-type video series, I’m up for it.

Although 56-year-old Keiichi’s best racing days are far behind him, that doesn’t mean he’s slowed down any. Far from it, according to, his official website, 2020 is already full.

Keiichi Tsuchiya is executive adviser to Team ARTA Project’s race teams there GT500 and GT300 racecars.

Okayama Super GT 2019
Round 1 of Super GT 2019 on-grid at Okayama

Although Best Motoring and Hot Version are online-only, the decades old JDM series is still filming at least once a month.

According to his appearance schedule, Keiichi is still an ambassador for Modulo, Honda’s Factory Performance lineup of parts and trim levels overseas.

On top of that, clubs and drift series all around the world still invite the Drift King out as guest judge for drifting, racing, time attack, and make-specific events like Toyota-only type meetups.

Maybe this new Youtube Channel will follow Keiichi around on his motor sport-filled adventures.

The channels been official for a day and DK already has 15,000 subscribers and counting.

I can’t wait for his next upload!


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