If you peer in the back window of this scale model Porsche 944, you’ll see a black stethoscope.

Hot Wheels are filled with Easter Eggs (or undocumented features with insider information) because they add to the fun of the car and is another way for a designer to express themselves. When Hot Wheels dropped their new cars for 2020, millions of fans fawned over the red Porsche 944 and were intrigued to find a black stethoscope in the rear window.

Check out what I mean with the official story below.

Those not in the know had some plausible explanations, the most popular one being that Porsche 944s were doctors cars of the era. Originally priced at $33,245 for the base model coupe with a 5-speed, that was a plausible explanation and you were half right.

Some thought it was a homage to Jeremy Clarkson in series 22 where Clarkson, May, and Hammond all built their own ambulances. Sort of close but not really. I’ve posted a clip from that series below because why not?

If you haven’t already read the story in the post above, the real reason is because the Porsche 944 Hot Wheel designer had cancer, went through several radiation treatments, and his doctor drove a Porsche 944.

Stethoscopes are synonymous with doctors and is why this designer’s included one in the rear window of this 1/64th Porsche.

What an awesome way to honor someone important in your life. Priced at less than $5 a car, these are a hot item since all rad-era cars are popular at the moment. Literally thousands of new Hot Wheels Porsche 944 owners are probably bewildered to see that in the tiny rear window.

Hopefully, a handful come across this article for an explanation.

Do you have a favorite Hot Wheels easter egg? Let me know in the comments below!



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