These Tesla Supercharger engineers probably should’ve built these charging bays in a slightly higher location.

With a hotel, three restaurants, and plenty of open space, this Tesla Supercharger in the UK seemed like an ideal place for Teslas to charge up, that is until it starts to rain. A shocking photo is making the rounds on the internet showing this Tesla Supercharger and its bays in Wokingham, UK literally submerged underwater. No Teslas could access the charging bays for a top up, rendering this place just about useless while there’s standing water.

Check out the shocking photo for yourself below.

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This Reddit thread also shows this Wokingham supercharger underwater. (Note that it says Woking but it’s really Wokingham.)

Flooded supercharger in Woking, UK – it still works tho! from r/teslamotors

The official Supercharger address is Mill LaneRG41 5DG Wokingham
United Kingdom and here’s the link to its page on

Located in Wokingham on the outskirts of Reading and off the M4, I’m sure Tesla engineers thought this was a smart place to put these charging bays. There are the aforementioned amenities nearby, anyway.

But, zoom out a couple of feet on Google Maps and you’ll find the River Loddon, a river in the English counties of Berkshire and Hampshire. Add that, presumably, the entire area is in somewhat of a basin and you have your classic flood plain or an area of land that naturally floods because of its proximity to a natural body of water.

While this photo was taken in December, 2019, there are several comments saying that this place floods regularly.

According to Local Guide Luke,

Many bays and situated next to a hotel/bar which is nice. However this place floods regularly and is then not usable again for days.”

Check out this photo of the charging bays only sort of flooded but probably tough goings for parked Teslas.

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It’s not all bad, really. On the off-chance you pull up and the place is flooded, there are at least three other Tesla Superchargers well within driving range of this prone-to-flooding one.

Better to have a handful of flooded charger bays then none at all is what I say. If you didn’t know, Tesla is one of a handful of manufacturers with a decent charging infrastructure.


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