This Ford Focus RS owner had to literally shift into R, bring the revs up, and send it, right into the twig and berries of his friend.

Usually, when people launch control in reverse on accident there’s no one standing behind them. That’s not what happened here. According to Focus RS owner Paul who goes by @AllWheelDrip on Instagram, a video shoot went south after he sent his Focus flying in reverse, right into his friend. A friend was filming a behind-the-scenes shot and caught the entire s**tshow on his smartphone.

Check out the embarrassing moment including footage from his friend’s DSLR below. If the post goes blank, here’s a mirror here and here.

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According to Paul,

It’s honestly stupid af lol he had me reverse to get into position then screamed GO. Didn’t even think twice about it but f**k it, made for some funny a** footage.”

If that was hard to understand, basically he said that his videographer friend instructed him to reverse into position but totally forgot that he was in reverse when he launched it.

Some takeaways here. When you have people around your car, you should take extra care and be aware of what you’re doing. Forgetting you’re in reverse is just careless.

Second, if you’re a videographer and see white reverse lights come on, bro, get out of the way. A car’s white reverse lights only come on when the car’s about to go in…reverse, so I put some blame on the videographer (just a tiny bit.)

Thankfully, the videographer was supposedly just banged up a bit and not injured. No word if his camera or stabilization system took any damage. If so, the right thing to do would be for @AllWheelDrip to throw him a couple bucks to make it straight.

Take note videographers, be aware of your surroundings around cars. And drivers, take care around people and crowds.


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