Imagine dropping your car off for some TLC and power adders and getting a call that your pride and joy is smashed to bits.

New 2020 Ford Mustang owner Mark Grage had a rough last week after dealership shenanigans. According to Mark in a post on Facebook earlier this week, Mark dropped off his 2020 Ford Mustang at Loveland Ford for a supercharger install only to return to find out Loveland Ford techs wrecked his $45,000 sports car.

Check out his update on the story below but not before a handful of screenshots of his original message and some photos of the wreck. If those posts go blank, a backup mirror can be found here.

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According to commenters in the know, this Mustang is a Mustang GT with a $6,500 Performance Package 2 option installed. MSRP on one of these bad boys is in the neighborhood of $44,685 before taxes. Suffice to say Mark got himself a serious bit of wheels.

Stock, Mustang GT’s put out 460 HP and 420 lb-ft. With this additional supercharger, Mark would’ve had more than 700 HP from the crank on tap.

While it’s sort of understandable why these techs would’ve been tempted to smash on this Mustang, no tech, in their right mind, should. To put it simply, it’s not your car. Beyond checking for leaks, error codes, and giving the install a once over, those techs should’ve never taken his Mustang out for a joy ride.

If you’re feeling bad for Mark, don’t feel too bad. The dealership, as mentioned in his update, ultimately did the right thing and bought Mark’s wrecked Mustang, making everything square. On top of that, Mark got an apology from the dealership and financed himself another Mustang.

If Mark’s cover image is correct, Mark got himself a Shelby GT350, a 526 HP track monster. With how much money Mark spent on a PP2 option and a supercharger install, it sounds like this is the Mustang he wanted all along.

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Props for this Ford dealership for doing the right thing, though. There are thousands of stories out there of dealerships taking the easy way out and not taking responsibility when blame’s on them.

Congrats on your new Shelby Mustang, Mark!


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