One look at this Toyota Camry post-crash and you know she had some help from above, too.

Roof stripped off, no doors on the right side, and all the airbags deployed, one glance at this crashed Toyota Camry and you’d think there were no survivors, but you’d be wrong, but the woman driving survived with minor injuries. According to Paramedic Dale Yates and a report from Bob Germany Law, a vehicle crash involving a semi on Interstate 20 in Newton County, Miss all but demolished this Toyota Camry. As several commenters pointed out, with the severity of the crash, this driver surviving is nothing short of a miracle.

Check out the amazing photos taken by Dale below.

According to the aforementioned report, the accident occurred around 4 P.M. on the westbound lanes of I-20 in Newton County with few details surrounding the circumstances of the crash.

Police are still actively investigating the situation.

Although it’s not clear what happened, one thing’s for certain. Massive amounts of energy went through this Toyota Camry.

From the photos it looks like this Toyota Camry was travelling along at highway speeds and my armchair guess is this semi truck and trailer changed lane, catching this driver off-guard. Although trailers have under-ride guards, an overlap collision, as demonstrated by this IIHS test video below, can still cause catastrophic damage.

According to Dale, there was only this solo-woman driver, she was driving with no passengers. One can only guess, but there’s a good chance any front passenger wouldn’t have survived.

Modern cars are built to withstand some brutal crashes, but crashes like this, no amount of engineering can prevent serious injury.

Believe in God or not, I maintain there was someone watching out for this woman that day.

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