It was bad enough this Nissan Versa driver was driving on the shoulder, but then to litter too?

American trucker and stand-up-guy Jason Gwilliam’s dashcam recorded the unbelievable moment a California driver not only used the shoulder of the road as a passing lane, but then dumped all his trash out the window. Jason, being the upright citizen he is, decided to take matters into his own hands and pick up the trash himself.

Check out the best and worst of America distilled into this one video clip below.

The caption reads,

Look at this giant piece of ****…?‍♂️ 
Hwy 12. West bound. Rio vista
#EagleTransportationCompany Lic# 8NGP179

State Route 12 is a California road artery that connects Sonoma and Napa Valleys with the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Because it’s a popular major thoroughfare, during commute hours, traffic builds up for several reasons on this mainly two lane rural highway.

With a wide enough breakdown lane right next to the one-lane roads, it’s tempting for some drivers to squeeze a couple of seconds off their commutes and bypass traffic altogether, like this Nissan Versa did.

That, in and of itself, is dashcam worthy and bad enough, but what this Nissan Versa driver does next is reprehensible. The driver tosses out several pieces of paper and waste right out the window onto the clean highway.

OK, what a piece of literal garbage.

The real tipping point came when the driver chucked a whole cup out the passenger side.

We can see Jason exit his cab not to berate the driver but, with plastic bag in hand, pick up what this animal dropped. And if the Versa driver happens to not drive away, maybe give him his .02

Like a coward, the Versa driver beat it, leaving Jason the job of pickup up after him.

Driving on the shoulder is a violation of VC 21755 with a fine upwards of $238 for your first offense.

According to Ticket Snipers, “A Littering on a Highway ticket will cost you $489 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance hikes and penalties. Citations of this nature carry a minimum fine of $489 for a first offense.

Several commenters tagged local CHP municipalities. Seeing how active CHP is on social media, it would not surprise me if the CHP hunts this guy down. Just yesterday I blogged about a guy ramming his BMW into a truck with LAPD using social media video as evidence to find, charge, and jail the BMW driver.

I tip my hat to you, Jason, for taking the time out of your busy day to write a wrong. You didn’t have to pick up that dude’s trash, but you did it anyway. We can all take a page from your book.



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