It’s one thing to find someone stole your photos, but when they photoshop themselves in them, that’s just a whole other level of weird.

Accomplished Car and lifestyle photog Bianca Heitz, who goes by @FakeCarGirl on Twitter, found out earlier this week that her professionally edited photos were stolen, badly photoshopped, and repurposed by some random kid in India for some sweet internet clout.

Although a handful of Bianca’s friend’s called this kid out, being thousands of miles away, there’s nothing Bianca could do.

Check her posts on Twitter and this kid’s Instagram posts below.

Scrolling through Nadim’s Instagram profile, like a lot of young teens, he’s just copying some of his country’s more popular influencers.

One Indian influencer who he tagged, Faisal Shaikh, has over 10 million followers and his photos illustrate why he’s so popular. He’s living the good life, a slice of something these kids want. And, they’re not photoshopped. Sure the photos are touched up here and there…you know what I mean.

Presumably, without access to actual beautiful places, exotic cars, and lifestyle locations, the next best thing is to photoshop yourself into other pictures. With no photoshop skills and using someone else to do his photo editing, for what he bought, none of these photos are close to believable.

At the very least Nadim’s was courteous enough to tag @one.20th, Bianca’s Instagram handle.

Scrolling through Bianca’s portfolio, it’s easy to see why her photos are so popular. This level of photography, I can only guess she charges several hundred per photo with a stiff hourly rate getting the shots and editing. It’s understandable why she’d get upset seeing her photos being used so willy-nilly.

While technically stealing, with such a small following and being thousands of miles away, I say no harm no foul. Maybe if he somehow goes viral and amasses a huge following they can collab for some “in real life” photoshoots.


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