Los Angelenos take their road rage seriously even though it’s the wrong thing to do.

Update: Someone started a GoFundMe. BMW driver is allegedly a student, six months from graduating. Oh, well.

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Update: Someone spotted the BMW driving on the freeway the next day.

A wild scene played out on the intersection of Victory Blvd. and Laurel Canyon Road in North Hollywood earlier today and it was all caught on camera. In an alleged retaliation for an earlier hit-and-run a few blocks away, this BMW driver chased this F-150 down down, T-boned the truck, and continued to give chases for several blocks.

The original video made its rounds on Instagram before making its way onto Twitter, where it really went viral. Only after over 12 hours later did local LAPD decide to let the rest of social media in on what they decided to do.

Check out both video below including some comments from people in the know on what happened.

According to @5NDMANN from a comment where I originally saw the vid,

The truck (allegedly) hit the BMW and tried to run so BMW chased down the truck. Cops came and didn’t arrest BMW owner. There was another video someone uploaded.

And according to @WTF.Jesus,

Even worse. It all happened near two schools.

Surrounding this intersection are a handful of schools including Victory Elementary School and Roy Romer Middle School. The sun is going down in both videos so, at the very least, it looks like this violent bit of road rage happened after school hours.

In the first video we can see more of what happened compared to the second one. The BMW is ramming the Ford F-150, consistent with someone trying to get another vehicle to stop. With gobs of power, it doesn’t take much to chase down some old Ford.

The F-150’s also a tough vehicle and, although the BMW tries and fails to perform a pit maneuver, the Ford drives off. It’s hard to stop another vehicle if you’re on your own.

In response to both videos, Los Angeles Police presumably were able to identify both the BMW and Ford F-150 truck driver. It’s not clear who got charged with what but, based on this video evidence, it looks like the BMW driver ultimately might be who @LAPDHQ is talking about.

According to Tulare Kings Attorney, assault with a deadly weapon using your car carries fines upwards of $10,000, up to four years in jail, punitive damages to the victim and having your license stripped.

One thing’s clear, cooler heads after the fact should’ve prevailed.

Esurance gives some advice sound advice, mainly not to chase the other vehicle but to collect as much information as you can from cameras, and witnesses, and to just go to the police instead.

Sure, the BMW driver might’ve got sweet satisfaction, but at what cost?



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