Show this to your kids if you want to teach them how cars are made.

What happens when a high riding Subaru Outback crashes into the low-slung sports scar that is the Subaru BRZ? Well, according to King County Sherriff’s office on a crash that occurred earlier yesterday (Mar. 9,2020) you end up with one of them landing on top of the other. This Subaru Outback driver tried his best to avoid hitting a stop sign running Toyota Prius and inadvertently ran into a Subaru BRZ.

Check out the once-in-a-lifetime crash below.

Here are a couple of other shots from a Subaru AWD Army via Facebook.

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If you haven’t seen map of this intersection, it’s not your average four-way stop. Here’s what it looks like on Google Maps.

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With three lanes of two-way traffic mostly vying to merge onto the same main road, I assume traffic builds up on certain stops with people vying for who gets to go next Without stoplights, these intersections to misunderstandings, and ultimately crashes. This accident was just a perfect storm of circumstances.

If that Subaru Outback ran into a small crossover or even a regular car, this might’ve ended up differently. But, since the BRZ is set up for handling, with not much wheel gap and a front end meant to slice through the air, its front end makes it a ramp of sorts when stationary.

I can imagine local King County police called up one of their local rotators to pick that Outback off the BRZ before hauling it off on a flat bed. Here’s an example of a rotator in action compliments of California’s best towing crews.

Car crashes happen all the time and more often than not, you end up with uncommon crashes like this one.


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