Carlyle Racing isn’t waiting one second to rip into this new C8 Corvette, prepping it for a blast down the 1320.

Customers just started taking home their new C8 Corvettes and tuners like Carlyle Racing in Plain City, Ohio are already ripping into them for some serious drag racing. Carlye Racing wrapped up dyno runs on a stock C8 Corvette with just 24 miles on the odometer and already installed a huge bottle of nitrous in the frunk, ready for a drag strip run sooner rather than later.

Check out their dyno run and some photos of their nitrous setup below.

Keep in mind that while this isn’t technically the first C8 Corvette to hit the dyno as Motor Trend took their C8 to the dyno last year, MT did admit to botched numbers and had to extrapolate numbers from there.

As far as we know, this is the FIRST true dyno run, no rookie mistakes.

So , stock, the LT2 V8 puts out an SAE 490 HP and 465 lb-ft at the crank.

Carlyle Racing hit 440 HP and 408 lb-ft on this particular dyno so, keep in mind other dynos in different locations under different conditions will return slightly different numbers.

This dyno run represents an 11 percent drivetrain loss, pretty good considering it’s a dual-clutch automatic.

Don’t be alarmed about the torque numbers as C8 Corvette’s ECU limits torque 25-30 percent for the first 500 miles. That does not mean you can’t rev out your engine to the rev limit as engine speed isn’t limited at all, only torque.

As per Tadge Juecther, ” Engine speed is not limited at all – it will wind out to redline.”

You can see Mark Carlyle hitting 6500+ RPM in his Facebook live video here.

Since the C8 Corvette is mid-engine, there’s a convenient front trunk. It’s nice to see a giant bottle of nitrous fits without modification.

And true to the slicks and nitrous installed shortly after the dyno run, it looks like Carlyle racing will hit the drag strip on Sunday to see if they can best GM’s official 11.2 second quarter-mile time.


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