The Germans know how to warm a bum quick and efficient.

It’s cold so you head out the door, plop into your Audi, hit the heated seat button, start the car, and let your S5 do its magic to warm you up. But, have you ever wondered what’s going on beneath the leather? Redditor HubOfTheVictor snapped on his trusty thermal imaging camera to his iPhone, put his Audi heated seats on, let them warm up a bit, and this is what he saw.

Check out his photo below. Amazing, right?

Thermal image of ‘13 S5 seat heater. from r/Audi

From what I can see, heated coils run the length of the Audi seat with large concentration near your thighs and buttocks. Also, there are heated coils that run along the side and all throughout your back region. Suffice to say, your whole backside and legs get toasty.

At around 71 degrees, although it might be freezing outside, your body will be warm as a California spring afternoon.

On another Reddit thread on heated seats, someone linked the thermal imaging signatures of a handful of other car manufacturers with their seats on and it is interesting. Particularly interesting is how they pack their heating coils and in what’s the best arrangement.

I wonder why Renault doesn’t think it’s important to warm your things?

My favorite is probably Hyundai because it’s uniform, and the design is simple enough.

And curious if someone pointed a camera at a heated steering wheel, this man pointed one at his Chrysler’s unit.

If you’re wondering, this Redditor used a Seek Thermal CompactPRO camera. It’s a smartphone add-on you snap into the charging port of your phone, allowing you to take thermal images of anything and everything. Priced around $350, it’s a serious purchase.

Car seats, they do a lot of things from cooling, massaging, and heating nowadays.


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