Yah, don’t take your roadster through a car wash without putting the top up first.

There’s a crazy Tik Tok challenge going around called the #CarWashChallenge where participants roll down their windows before the car wash process starts. California resident Christian Dy took it one stop further, enlisted the help of his friend with a Mazda Miata, and convinced him to drive his car through wiith a passenger riding shotgun.

Filming the entire thing and uploading it on Tik Tok, their post sort of went viral. Check out Part 1 and 2 of their epic carwash below.


Me and my car shower together ? like for the rest of the video ? ##fyp ##foryoupage ##carwash ##drought ##wet ##miata ##showerchallenge ##carwashchallenge

♬ original sound – christianasian7

I didn’t have enough space for the air dryer but like/follow 4 part 3 with first person POV? ##foryou ##foryoupage ##carwashchallenge ##showerchallenge

♬ original sound – christianasian7

According to the machine signage, this looks to be one of several Splash Car Spa car washes peppered throughout California.

I can’t believe a Splash Car Spa employee allowed someone to go in without a top. He even allowed Christian to walk through the wash bay dangerously close to moving machinery. Surely this employee was in on it, too.

This is one serious automatic car wash and isn’t your one-step drive and park wash you’ll find at your typical gas station. There are multiple steps as you’re dragged along for about 25 meters.

First, they’re literally sprayed with more than a gallon of foam meant to break down dirt. Next, soap is sprayed generously on all exterior car surfaces and on both persons. Then they’re literally run through the wringer, giant rubber agitators making sure every surface of their Miata gets penetrated with soap. Finally, they’re blasted with high-psi water jets from all angles before they’re dried off with a handful of overhead dryers.

The Miata itself emerges clean, but the driver, passenger, and interior are absolutely soaked. I’m sure if they open their doors, a bit of water might flow out.

Although you getting soaked and a bit of a wet interior doesn’t seem all that big of a deal it’s all the electronic bits in your car that will take a major hit if they get soaked in water. Consider that flood damaged vehicles, although detailed inside and out in hopes to get them roadworthy, are some of the most difficult cars to fix thanks to ruined electronics and a messed up wiring harness.

So, while you think a #CarWashChallenge might be a fun idea, it may wreak havoc on all your electronic bits.

Supposedly there’s a part 3 POV angle that’s ready to drop but @ChristianAsian7 hasn’t reached enough views yet. When he does post that part, I’ll update this blog post accordingly.


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