You’d think people would have empathy during these trying times, but then people like this show up.

Los Angeles County resident Rob Bermudez captured the disturbing moment at a Mexican restaurant parking lot where a San Bernardino woman actively provoked and argued with police and emergency personnel responding to a victim that got stabbed in the head. The problem? She could not back up her BMW sedan because the AMR Ambulance and police vehicle were blocking her car in.

Check out the unbelievable video making the rounds below.

According to the video description, someone was stabbed in the head near or in The Mexico Cafe restaurant. With no where to park, first responders pulled right next to the restaurant’s main doors to presumably bring the victim out as easily as possible.

A couple, owners of a white BMW, tried to leave, but the ambulance gave them no room to back up and leave. Although this is private property, out on public roads, cars must yield the right of way to all emergency vehicles and presumably the same logic applies here. Emergency vehicles can, if need be, inconvenience individuals not connected to the immediate emergency if choosing any other option would impede their work.

We can hear the ambulance medics tell her that, “Mam, I’m doing my job, please stand away from the vehicle. (We will move our ambulance) in due time.”

Rob, understanding the absurdity of her actions asks her “What’s your view on all this? The ambulance needs to move because you’re inconvenienced?

She responds with, “The world is not going to stop, if that was an emergency they would not be sitting here. And I’m sorry if people don’t like that, that’s just tough sh**.

When she attempts to coax her partner to drive her BMW out, local police at the scene tell the driver to move back where they where. The lady cop tells the driver, “We had somebody stabbed in the head so we can’t (let you exit) right now, OK?”

This woman takes the officer’s request as optional and says, “I’m not going to sit here for them!”

Whereas the police officer responds, “You’re gonna stay here, OK. Yes, you are.”

The woman proceeds to fold her arms, continues to “answer back” to whatever the police officer says, and is still quite upset about the situation, not aware of how petty her actions look viewed from behind a camera.

First of all, her argument hinges on the fact that if this was really an emergency crisis, medics and police would’ve been rushing about and hustling off the victim to the hospital within seconds. She has no authority to determine what is and isn’t an emergency and what the reaction times and course of actions are. Trained in life-saving procedures above and beyond first-aid, I’m sure these medics are well aware of the risks at hand and know the best and most effective way to proceed regarding a head stabbing.

A tip of my hat to that police officer for remaining calm, logical, and for laying down the law in plain English to a woman who just doesn’t get it.

The world does not revolve around you.

That should be perfectly clear in this period when a virus is teaching everyone that our actions affect others.


  1. WOW!! What a S*****!! Lil m***ed! Woman. Clearly she doesn’t have Any compassion for other human beings!! What if it were a member of her own family!? I doubt she’d act any differently. Just a sad, sad very Ignor**t human being. As for the officer, she was Awesome!! handled her like the Pro! that she is!! Prompts!! to you M’am!! Keep up the good work!.

  2. …”First of all, her argument hinges on *the fact* that if this was *really* an emergency crisis, medics and police would’ve been rushing about and hustling off the victim to the hospital within seconds. She has no authority to *determine what is and isn’t an emergency* and what the reaction times and course of actions are. *Trained in life-saving procedures above and beyond first-aid*, I’m sure these medics are *well aware of the risks* at hand and *know the best* and *most effective* way to proceed regarding a head stabbing.”

    I’d say that none of you have the knowledge or authority to report/blast this “story”. SMH! First of all, the “first responder” was an EMT, not a Paramedic… The woman accused does indeed have the knowledge, authority, training, skills…She’s HIGHLY TRAINED in assessing, prepping, treating, monitoring, not only life saving procedures above and beyond first-aid, but involved in actually saving lives!

    She’s CNOR credentialed, a licensed RN, OR….works in ER’s and OR’s, Med/surg floors…
    Her certifications and licenses way over trumps that of any EMS, and Paramedics.

    She’s more than qualified to know W** constitutes a med, emergency vs a superficial scalp wound inflicted by some rival g*** ban***…

    • Someone “highly trained” shouldn’t have behaved like that, she should have either been helping or stand clear and the paramedics do there job, also her lack of empathy for a “nurse” someone whose in the field of putting the importance of life first, should not be acting as crass as she was. She should not be allowed to practice. There’s a right way to do things and the proper way to behave and respect others she displayed none of those characteristics, this was outright disgusting behaviour

    • I’m gonna guess by how f****** angry, egotistical, entitled and plain nuts your defensive post is that you’re the c*** in this video. You’re just an unbelievably obnoxious a**h*** so I’m not sure why you take that as a point of pride. Were you born without empathy or any sense of humility? Glad you got fired, and can guarantee your coworkers are f****** ecstatic about not having to deal with your know-it-all, aggressive idiocy. I’ve never been more sure of someone being a M.A.G.A ***** in my life. You’re just not a good person. Even your husband can’t stand you.

    • Being in medicine, especially in a controlled environment like an OR, does not make you qualified let alone experienced in an emergency medicine situation with limited personnel and gear. You can tell that here, otherwise she would be aware that stabilizing the patient on site is a flag that they are too critical to transport just yet. If she took a second and remembered that patients have to a level a stability even for the OR she wouldn’t have acted like a tw@t. I have a feeling if she is a nurse then she’s been regulated to admin for bad performance with actual medicine.


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