This dude seriously needs to either drive something FWD or dial down the power.

An amazing duo of videos popped up on Instagram earlier yesterday (Mar. 25,2020) highlighting a C6 Chevrolet Corvette with an inexperienced driver spinning out not once, not twice, but three separate times trying his best to drag race some Honda Civic Coupe.

Check out the first video showing the Corvette spinning out from the passenger’s point of view and then again from the Civic’s POV.

In the first video we can see the Chevrolet Corvette driver roll racing a Honda Civic on some lonely freeway. With several communities on a quasi-lockdown there are plenty of empty streets to have some fun, especially in the middle of the night.

This Corvette driver clearly has never done a couple of test passes, let alone dialed in his Corvette for some serious straight line driving. In his first two attempts, with little to no technique, he simply mashes the loud pedal, causing the rear tires to lose traction under hard acceleration. Any steering input he tries to employ with his foot still in it causes him to spin even faster.

The third time he spins out we can hear his passenger tell him to ease into the power as to not overwhelm the rear tires too quickly.

There are dozens of reasons his Corvette spins out. For one, this C6 owner might’ve turned off traction control to keep as much power as he’s got going to the rear wheels. Traction control measures wheel rotation, detects slip, and reduces engine power or applies braking to the spinning wheel as necessary. TC does this several times a second, faster than any human, effectively keeping you going in a straight line.

This driver also doesn’t ease into the power. Applying too much power without traction control and without the right tires can cause you to lose traction quickly. It’s a cliche but power is useless if you have no control ala traction.

Another reason is tires might not be up to the task. Experienced street racers have sticky tires throughly warmed up before any serious racing. If they’re not running on some barely street legal R-Compounds, they’ve got full-blown slicks to hook correctly. Old and/or cold tires means you’ve lost the race even before you’ve started.

I can go on and on like how he might need a proper alignment, how his tire pressures might be off, or how his technique is garbage, but you get the picture.

This driver needs some serious practice and better equipment, to say the least.


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