If you were a swingin’ bachelor in the mid-2000s and owned an Acura NSX, by rule, you had to scent up with this JDM-only cologne.

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The mid 2000s spelled the end for the first generation Acura NSX and Honda was doing the most to license the heck out of its crown jewel of the lineup. During a bit of late-night scrolling through an NSX-only Facebook group, I came across 100 percent authentic piece of Acura NSX gear, NSX brand men’s cologne.

Yes, Acura commissioned a French scent manufacturer to come up with a signature scent for its high-revving, mid-engined, VTEC-engaging supercar.

Check out a handful of images I found with this iconic men’s scent below.

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The first photo shows the NSX Cologne cradled between two NSX-branded driving shoes. We can see the bottle of cologne, nearly empty. That means someone spritzed themselves with the stuff dozens of times for that special occasion.

The design of the bottle is nothing special. Like a lot of men’s cologne, this one’s circle shaped, has a glazed finish, and is shut with a simple black mushroom-shaped top.

The second photo is from an NSXPrime.com lead that led me to an early internet catalog showcasing various NSX items for sale. This bottle’s still full, as of 2004, and comes with a sleek carrying case and paper tag attached. According to this NSX enthusiast,

“(This cologne) was purchased at auction. It’s a Men’s Cologne made by French Rule? One of NSX genuine goods “NSX Gear” Citrus scent.”

So, while we can’t smell the NSX cologne, take any mild-citrus scent you might be familiar with and you’d be close to what this stuff smells like.

They listed this full bottle at 10,000 YEN or around $100 USD.

The third photo shows another full bottle, a shot of the cologne box, and two drink coasters from NSX Fiesta 2005, a weekend event in Japan for all things NSX.

Acura still licenses products today but they aren’t as eclectic or interesting as some of these first gen NSX items.

I don’t think people seriously bought this NSX cologne to use. Like all things novelty, the NSX scents were all either bought up by collectors or given as gifts.

Still, it’s a useful gift to give. But if this stuff is really 15 years old by now, I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t smell as strong as brand new.

15-year-old NSXs, however, are still fresh as daisies thanks to fastidious owners.


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