MY 2020 might be the only C8 Corvette you can get Blade Silver in

Believe it or not GM is already working on a handful of improvements for the 2021 C8 Chevrolet Corvette and it looks like two new colors are joining the pallet with at least two colors being left in the previous model year. This exclusive info dropped earlier yesterday (Mar. 28,2020) on with a screenshot of a dozen colors with the aforementioned two new additions.

Check out the screenshot of the computer screen for yourself below.

There are two new colors for the 2021 C8 Corvette

Here’s the 2020 color lineup.

  • Accelerate Yellow *
  • Rapid Blue *
  • Zeus Bronze*
  • Artic White *
  • Black *
  • Blade Silver
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray *
  • Elkart Lake Blue *
  • Long Beach Red
  • Sebring Orange *
  • Shadow Gray *
  • Torch Red *

I’ve starred the colors returning in 2021. Chevrolet will supposedly drop Long Beach Red and Blade Silver in favor of Red Mist Tintcoat Metallic and Silver Flare.

According to there’s a possibility that Red Mist Tintcoat Metallic might be a color on current Cadillacs that will be repurposed for the C8 under a different name. Refer to Red Passion Tintcoat if you want a possible idea what Red Mist might be.

Embed from Getty Images

Still others wondered if Silver Flare Metallic is the same color on Corvette Racing’s C8R racecar. If so, that would be a great marketing move by GM, transferring a color used from their endurance racer into the real world.

Embed from Getty Images

If you’re wondering what tintcoat means, says, “Tintcoat means that the clearcoat is tinted. Dupont is mixing a basecoat that looks like the color with a clear clearcoat on it. “

For collectors and C8 enthusiasts, if you’re hankering for a C8 and can’t wait for GM to open their order books in May, it would behoove you to snatch up a Blade Silver or Long Beach Red one if one becomes available near you.

For everyone else, they can look forward to two new colors to choose from once those order books reopen. There’s plenty of demand, just, despite GM saying shutting order books isn’t about the pandemic, there’s no one to build them at the moment.


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