This Texas trucker’s dashcam caught the harrowing moment and showed us just how close that Mustang was from crashing into him, head-on.

Grapevine, TX resident and trucker Juan Vasquez shared the terrifying moment earlier yesterday (Mar. 30,2020) on Facebook of a wrong-way driver narrowly missing his semi-truck while he was travelling Northbound on Interstate 45 somewhere near Ennis. With a dashcam rolling, Juan clipped the unbelievable moment and added the footage to his Facebook post.

Check out the footage for yourself below.

Unbeknownst to him, a wrong way driver entered I-45 through the wrong entrance, and, instead of driving safely off the road, continued on with no regard for other cars coming at her.

Interstate 45 is a 3-5 lane highway that bisects Texas from Dallas To Houston. This particular stretch of highway just has three lanes with Juan travelling in the middle lane travelling behind another truck in the slow lane.

According to Juan

“Looks like a pursuit or someone that is driving at the wrong side by mistake, like 6-8 troopers at full speed was just right behind the first cop. Turned out to be a female, that took a wrong turn at the construction zone.

With states and counties issuing variants of their own Shelter in Place orders and to only go out for essential activities, freeways are emptier than usual.

Had this been a normal weekday, more traffic would’ve surely played a major role for the in this Mustang driver’s outcome.

According to Drivers Education USA,

If you are on what you believe to be an entrance ramp, but you see a DO NOT ENTER or WRONG WAY sign, pull over immediately. Turn around when you can, and get off of the ramp. 

Thankfully Juan’s was not in the wrong lane at the wrong time. It doesn’t take a physics major to figure out that semi-trucks can’t just change lane on a dime. They could but they risk flipping over in the process, or worse, causing an even bigger accident.

This is why it’s important to stay alert driving at all times when you’re behind the wheel. If you see a wrong-way driver and avoid crashing into them, pull over safely and call 911 right away. You might be the first one to inform police and could save some lives.


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