He took photos at 7 P.M. on a Thursday and wrecked around 4 P.M. the next day.

Bradenton, Florida resident, who goes by June Bug on Facebook, only owned his new 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette for less than a day when the unthinkable happened, a drunk driver presumably pulled out in front of him and caused him to crash, head on, into the side of his Hyundai Accent. Since this is a mid-engined car and with no engine in the front, this is one of the first public crashes showing how these mid-engined C8s handle front damage.

Check out his photo below.

The photo shows a Sebring Orange C8 with its front end demolished. Since the C8 is a sports car, its chassis is made from lightweight aluminum. Any major front damage means it’s not worth it to do properly from an insurance standpoint. And I don’t think June would want to start out his C8 journey months later with a damaged car. This C8 is headed to the scrape yard or the local auction.

According to June,

“We’re not too bad. I’ve got a busted head and Ruby (presumably his wife) has some broken fingers. This Guy was drunk and had no insurance. Glad I have good insurance to cover the both of us.”

Here’s a photo of the Hyundai Accent June shared that he unfortunately crashed into.

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And when I say he crashed less than a day earlier, here the post he shared taking delivery of his Corvette, unwrapping the factory sheet and everything.

This new C8 Chevrolet Corvette is literally one of the most important Corvettes in its storied history. Owners getting Corvettes today are some of the first to put in deposits a little over a year ago in March. These new C8 owners have waited over a year to enjoy their American supercars.

I can only imagine how excited Mr. Bug was to finally get his new C8, the elation of driving out of that Chevrolet dealership, giving it a bit of gas to see how fast she goes, parking it in the garage for the first time, and then to hit such a low the next day.

Thankfully, as June mentioned, he has a good insurance policy so most of the dirty work won’t be a headache.

His unfortunate predicament reminds me of when a new fourth-gen Mazda Miata owner crashed his ND Miata only miles from the dealership. Autoblog covered the unfortunate incident in 2015. Like June, this Miata was one of the first couple hundres NDs ever made. That story had a happy ending because Mazda ended up replacing that ND Miata the next month, free.

Do you think Chevrolet will pull a Mazda and help June out? In these uncertain times, I don’t think so, but it’d be cool if they did.


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