Here’s the viral video from Commerce, CA involving a floor jumper, a screaming girl, and a smashed Nissan Murano that leaves us with more questions than answers.

Update 4/10/2020- TMZ Confirmed, “…the jumper had turned on all the faucets in the room, and also busted pipes in the ceiling — and the total damage was $10k!!! There goes his deposit.” The hotel is not pressing charges. How nice. But my initial theory holds up. Dude was on something.

Update 4/7/202010:30 P.M.- I’ve removed a previously posted text conversation that accompanied the first update below. That person has confirmed to me that this man, getting high, is only a theory.

Update 4/7/2020 1 A.M.- New information from this lady says he was just smoking a blunt and set off all the sprinklers. Honestly, this makes more sense than an alleged suicide attempt.

SoCal resident who goes by @ProphetAmenRa on Twitter and Instagram shared a disturbing video showing a man jumping from the second floor of a flooded hotel floor in Commerce, CA as onlookers watched, confused at this bizarre spectacle unfolding before them.

Here’s the video making the rounds below.

Keen eyed social media commenters iD’d this hotel as Studio 6 hotel in Commerce, California. The video starts out with a shot of the second-floor balcony. Water is pouring out of one particular hotel room onto the ground below. From the right, a tall, bearded man dressed all in black stumbles into view, dazed.

Then, instead of walking to the end of the hall and down to the first floor, he swings his leg over the ledge, jumps off, lands on the roof of a Nissan Murano, and slides off the windshield and hood. The weight of his fall damages the windshield and leaves a gigantic dent on the hood.

A girl less than 10 years old is heard screaming in the background, “That’s my car, that’s our car.” The jumper walks out of sight, brushes himself off, and sits himself down on the sidewalk as he collects his breath.

A maid walks past the room, confused and probably pissed off with the colossal job she has before her.

Several people in adjoining rooms pop out to see what the fuss is about. Most have masks on to protect themselves from each other.

At least one witness replied with a video she shot from across the street.

What’s the back story?

There are two theories.

According to PAR, the one who filmed the viral video and witness, this is allegedly a case of failed suicide.

When asked what was flooding.

PAR does admit that

New information suggests that this wasn’t a suicide attempt but just someone who got high while smoking marijuana and set off the sprinkler systems. All multi-story buildings are legally required to have sprinklers systems that independently release water when temperatures in that area reach above 135F.

My .02

PAR’s explanation is plausible. This bearded man might’ve been mentally unstable and just went through some kind of life-altering event. A flooded room is consistent with people who attempt suicide by electrocution in a bathtub.

However, a simpler explanation is that a smoking session got out of hand, causing something to catch fire, triggering the sprinkler system.

Local news replied to PAR’s tweet, asking if they can include his video in some kind of coverage, so, hopefully we get some official answers as to what happened.

Surely, there is an investigation that ensued shortly after this bizarre event with the hotel owners wanting answers why they need to bring in flood specialists to salvage several rooms.

Twitter made memes.

With their questions unresolved, several brought out their best memes. Here are some of the best ones.

Alleged suicide or just getting high, hopefully this man sees better days sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Was it just a smoking sesh gone bad or did he just try to kill himself? Let me know in the comments below.


      • Dayum, check your daughter is not part banshee part human. You would think someone killed her dog. Your daughter wouldn’t happen to be called Karen?

    • Hi Venus. Thanks for commenting. Wow, what happened afterwards with this guy? Is his guy going to help pay for repairs if your Nissan is even repairable?

        • By the sound of his initial impact, there’s atleast one shattered window. Most likely both back-passenger windows, and probably the trunk window to boot (pun intended). His weight is sufficient enough to break the dome on the roof making it unsuitable for repairs. He breaks the windshield. The dent in the hood is too deep to be repaired. I’ve seen less damage deeming a car a write-off.

        • But are you the one repairing it? Especially when people don’t have what they need money/job wise right now. That is over a $1000 dollars worth of damage. You don’t know what that girl has been through. Honestly 2020 got us all shook poor girl probably thought the world was falling apart.

  1. My daughter sent me this tweet this morning. The memes and comments were hilarious. That being said, and sorry to say, The suicide makes more sense. That’s an enormous amount of water for a sprinkler. Plus smoke wouldn’t do that..the apartment had to be on fire and no one mentioned signs of that. An alarm is going , but they are programmed for flooding and carbon monoxide as well as fire. Anyway, quite a video. An unbelievable amount of chaos in a short period of time.

  2. Sprinklers don’t go off because of smoke; that would be VERY stupid because every time some jerk smoked in a non-smoking room it would cause thousands of dollars worth of damages. Sprinklers go off when a physical plug melts or it is tampered with; you can see the little plug if you look at a sprinkler it is usually a small clear piece of plastic with an orange tint. It only melts at 140-170 degrees(f) and it takes a while to melt.

  3. There’s too much water for this being a sprinkler. It’s probably a burst main, the alarm being a flood alarm.

    • you realize most sprinkler systems are designed to dump thousands of gallons of water, it aint a garden sprinkler, its meant to put out a building fire…. or at least make escaping a building fire survivable. those pipes are a good 2-3 inches in diameter. if you’ve never seen an industrial sprinkler system go off… looks like a F’ing waterfall. could probly surf on the waves from my work when it went off.

      as for theories… dude was probly stoned as hell, and thought it would be “cool” to set off the sprinkler. i mean shit people eat tide pods on a dare these days, doesn’t sound that abnormal.


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