Where there’s a will, Harbor Freight has a way.

New North Carolina transplant Justin Hart shared, on the Harbor Freight Tools couponers Facebook page, how he brought 600 pounds of his belongings with him from California all thanks to a $280 4×8 trailer he bought recently from Harbor Freight. If that wasn’t the most amazing bit, Hart pulled his stuff using his lifted Mazda Miata, a car that people don’t obviously normally tow with.

Check out a handful of photos from his Cross Country drive from his personal Instagram below.

In the photos, we can see Justin’s caravanning with at least one other car, also hauling a U-Haul trailer. Justin doesn’t go into the details why he needed to move but he mentions how he “needed to get out of California.”

Scrolling through his other Instagram posts, it looks like Justin originally bought this Harbor Freight trailer to haul around a motorcycle around town.

Doing a quick search on U-Haul, renting a storage trailer from California to North Carolina, on average you’ll pay $450. And if you hop onto Harbor Freight’s page on their Haul-Master trailers we find a 4×8 heavy duty folding trailer available for around $350.

Use a 20 percent coupon and you can get that final for-sale price under $280. Of course, like Justin, you must modify this folding trailer if you want to haul more than a motorcycle or pieces of lumber.

Surprisingly, these Utility trailers can handle much over 600 pounds. The cheapest one handles up to 1,195 pounds of whatever you can strap safely to it.

Using these trailers to haul some lumber around town? No problem. But to use one to literally haul stuff across the United States is another feat entirely.

Commenters mentioned how the limiting factor for these trailers is how well the bearings are greased and according to Justin, ” these Harbor Freight trailers had plenty of them.”

Also, before driving around town with your newly purchased trailer, you’ll want to register it with the DMV.

If you have a big move in your future, have a vehicle with a tow hitch, and don’t want to spend hundreds on a rental, this might be your move. And even if you don’t drive as far as Justin did, when your done moving, you’ll have a nice trailer to call your own to keep or rent out.


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