These two men chose the wrong couple to pick on since both BJ Baldwin and girlfriend Tori are both accomplished marksmen with guns.

Update 4/28/2020- BJ Baldwin drops update, tells fans thanks for the support and that he holds no frudges against his attacker.

According to Las Vegas News KLAS and their coverage from earlier yesterday (Apr. 26,2020) they confirmed that off-road racing legend B.J. Baldwin and presumably his girlfriend Tori Nonaka were involved in a deadly gun battle in the parking lot of an In-N-Out in Las Vegas. Two men reportedly approached Baldwin and Nonaka while they were having dinner in their vehicle before a heated argument and a barrage of bullets exchanged between the two parties started.

Here’s the local news story below.

Here’s the In-N-Out parking lot where the gun battle took place.

And here’s Las Vegas Homicide Lieutenant Ray Spencer’s account of the attack verbatim.

Around 2 A.M. there were two Black males were seen walking through the apartment complex directly adjacent to the fence behind me. Once they walked across the street they encountered a male and female who were having dinner in the parking lot of this IN-N-Out. At some point there was an altercation between the two Black males and the male and the female that were having dinner at the parking lot

At some point, gunfire was exchanged between the deceased male and the male that was having dinner in the parking lot. There were more than fifteen rounds that were exchanged in the parking lot.

There’s also a gun store that’s approximately 30 yards away from where the deceased is and we’re still trying to determine if it’s involved. There’re rocks that appear that the business was broken into but we’re not sure if the gun store burglary is related to this incident.

In a followup to KLAS’s preliminary report, Baldwin Motorsports provided a press release to local news confirming details about the shootout, mainly that B.J. Baldwin has a valid concealed weapons permit and metro police are ruling this as “justifiable homicide.”

As mentioned, these two Black men picked on the wrong couple. While B.J. Baldwin is known for his off-road racing prowess and for being an accomplished wheelman in the dirt, he’s also quite the marksman, and so is his girlfriend. Tori’s name on Instagram is literally “Top Gun Tori.” Here’s a couple of social media photos and videos highlighting just how bada** this couple is.

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Training Day😈

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While it’s upsetting to hear that these two Black men put them into a fight or flight situation, I’m glad to know both Tori and B.J. were well trained to handle this encounter.

I’ll look forward to hearing more details from B.J. and Tori if and when they decide to let their fans in on the harrowing gun battle.

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