He dropped his Lexus IS-F at Lexus of Cool Springs and returned with no wheels and a $500 insurance deductible headache to deal with.

Imagine dropping off your pride and joy off at a dealership for a simple, free recall and getting a call back that some thief stole your wheels, no fault of your own, and that the dealership won’t move an inch to help you out, compensating you for your trouble. That’s the reality Lexus IS-F owner Jose Ponce is facing according to a Facebook post shared earlier today (May 20, 2020) after leaving his treasured Lexus IS-F at Lexus of Cool Springs. Days after getting an update on his recall he got a call that his wheels were gone and management would not compensate him beyond what they’re legally obligated.

Check out his horror story below.

The wheels aren’t even this dealership’s first mess up, they first installed the wrong panels and, from his account, tried to pass those panels off as good enough.The proper horror story is finding out that his wheels were nicked under their supervision.

Stolen wheels at dealerships are nothing new. Professional and amateur thieves make the news all the time for swiping new wheels off car sitting on dealership lots.

Based on his account it looks like the dealership is handling this situation by the books, going through Jose’s insurance and making Jose jump through hoops to rectify their mistake.

A dealership can only do so much to monitor their dealership during closed hours, even the best efforts thwarted by motivated thieves.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong taking this approach since this dealership’s done their due diligence filing a police report, going through the proper insurance channels, and putting the minimal effort to bring Jose financially whole after this is all said and done.

What Jose and his supporters (myself included) are upset about is how Lexus of Cool Springs should really go above and beyond monetary compensation. As mentioned in his post, Jose must deal with purchasing new tires on his own time, any insurance business that pops up related to new wheels and tires, possibly having his IS-F totaled, and not to mention the many back-and-forth trips to the dealership to get this sorted out. None of this is Jose’s fault.

This Lexus dealership has the opportunity to make an unpleasant situation just a little better and possibly earn some positive press thrown their way. Instead, they are handling this situation poorly, pissing off one customer, and garnering a mountain of hate on social media.

Hopefully, this situation improves for Jose and this dealership changes their tune soon.

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