What is wrong with some people these days.

Imagine someone so upset with your loud car that they skip over talking to you like a decent human being and take matters into their own hands by literally plugging up your exhaust. That’s exactly what happened to Middletown, OH resident Aaron Robinson and his Ford Mustang. Aaron shared the disturbing note a literal neighbor from hell posted on his muscle car shortly after he discovered his exhaust was literally plugged with expanding foam and shots of the proof.

Check out the note below.

A quick search on Aaron’s Facebook page shows what kind of Ford Mustang we’re working with.

Earlier in the month I reported on an Illinois neighbor who confronted a Chevrolet Nova owner over his ridiculously loud racecar. I labeled that neighbor a “neighbor from hell” but compared to Aaron’s neighbor, she might as well be Mother Teresa.

Like most states Ohio has laws to prevent car owners from excessively modifying their exhausts for sound. A once-over on a quick and dirty guide to their specific exhausts laws shows that Ohio is quite lenient. It would be reasonable to assume that, even if you didn’t want to confront a loud car owner you could at the very least report that car to police and let them handle the situation.

Touching someone else’s property, let alone damaging their exhaust with expanding foam is not only the wrong thing to do but against the law. According to Aaron in the comments,

“(The expanding foam) ruined my mufflers and tips.”

If Aaron finds out who did this, some form of compensation from the miscreant is in order.

As per Aaron he’s already contacted police, letting them know about the situation.

Several kind people in the comments offered their services.

We can get a group to roll through there anytime. **** them!

Sounds like you need a Mustang parade. Bring them and bring them loud. 

I don’t care how loud someone else’s car is, you don’t go to their car in the middle of the night and mess around with it.


  1. Hahaha! Love it! Rude. Childish. Obnoxious a-holes. GTFU. Doing anything to get attention. Pathetic sense of low self esteem. Real men take it to the track. They don’t rev their engines to impress 14 year old girls.


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