Have your eye on that string trimmer or want to stock up on AA batteries? Bring in a pair of recalled jack stands from Harbor Freight and get your shopping done without bringing in your debit card.

Harbor Freight made the news earlier this week thanks to an NHTSA product recall that came to light. Certain models of their Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton and 6-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands could, under the right conditions, fail thanks to a faulty stopping pawl, dropping a car onto you or your property causing serious injury and even death.

I’ve embedded their letter to the NHTSA which includes details on which jack stands they’re recalling, how to check if you have ones affected by this recall, and, how to get your in-store credit.

If the text below is too small, here’s the Harbor Freight notice linked here.

In addition, Harbor Freight will hook you up with a 20 percent off coupon when you turn in your jack stands for the inconvenience.

According to a Harbor Freight Spokesperson who spoke to USA Today,

The original prices of the recalled 3 ton jack stands were $23.99 and 24.99 per pair and the recalled 6 ton jack stand was $46.99 per pair, Harbor Freight spokesman Craig Hoffman told USA TODAY.

That means, plus refunded state tax (% depending on where you live,) you might get $50 or more for just one-pair of recalled jack stands.

As proof, here’s someone on Twitter who already turned in two pairs of 3-Ton Jack Stands at $23.99 each for, including sales tax, a $52.72 in-store credit gift card.

This suggests there isn’t a limit to how many recalled jack stands you can bring in if you honestly bought so many pairs. I’m assuming, past a certain amount of pairs, a manager might be called in to approve such a large gift card.

If you’re bringing in something like a dozen pairs and are expecting a $560+ gift card, expect to receive some extra scrutinizing from the in-store manager. If you have proof of purchase like a receipt or debit card statement backing up your dozen pairs of jacks, all the better.

People on SlickDeals.Net report that certain stores are tacking on a discount on the retail price of the jack stands when they returned their pair, for example, refunding $19.99+tax instead of $24.99+tax, but, as per HF’s recall notice you should be getting FULL RETAIL value.

If you encounter such a store, direct them to Harbor Freight’s official recall page, navigate to the jack stands recall, and point out that they should refund you “FULL RETAIL” value.

Keep in mind, you can also use that in-store credit to buy a set of their non-recalled jack stands.


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