Does he not know that U-Haul rents out car tow dollies you can attach to the back of their box trucks?

A U-Haul related fail for the ages happened at a McDonough, GA BP Gas station earlier yesterday (June 11, 2020) when a Ford Mustang owner attempted to back into a U-Haul truck by driving into the cargo area in reverse. He was halfway up and honestly would’ve made it in but; he gave it a bit of gas causing him to slip off the ramps, high-centering his ‘Stang.

It’s hard to believe but tire repair employee Will Ramirez caught it all on camera. Check out the video, a handful of photos, and the aftermath below.

In the first vid we see just how quickly the situation turned south. Presumably the clip was trimmed from a much longer video. I’m sure Will saw this guy setting up his ramps for the Mustang, knew something either epic or disastrous was about to go down, and started filming.

The Mustang owner had the right idea, get a bit of momentum going, backing into the truck, enough to crest over the top. But this is an advanced maneuver with dozens of variables at play that, even if it’s possible, is difficult to pull off.

Just like a highschool Physics problem playing out in real life, the Mustang owner hits the gas, applying massive amounts of force to the ramps in one direction, enough force to where the ramps unhitch themselves off the U-Haul and fall off.

Let’s imagine he knew this was a possibility and locked those ramps in place he would still have to stop the Mustang from crashing into the back of the U-Haul, another disaster waiting in the wings.

Then there’s driving off the truck, a whole other can of worms.

This man really had the audacity to shout at his lady, like she had anything to do with it.

The only way I could imagine he could’ve safely extracted this Mustang from the box truck would be to call a tow team and their rotator to lift the Mustang safely off.

But, seeing how money was probably tight, I can assume that was out of the question.

The next video shows the Mustang owner driving the box truck away in defeat, the front wheels of the Mustang dragging behind him.

An alleged owner of the Mustang showed up in the comments, providing some backstory how she got into this awful situation. Apparently she was living out of a nearby hotel after suffering a massive string of bad luck, had her Mustang parked outside (which was supposedly not registered or fit to drive in the state of GA) and was told by the police to move it off private property ASAP. Relying on her friend (boyfriend?) to get the job done, this was the result. Here’s a screenshot of her reply.

Hauling a car correctly is something anyone can do IF you follow some commonsense rules like using the proper equipment, strapping your car down correctly, and using a proper tow vehicle.

This was a case of the blind leading the blind.


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