He made it that much easier for UK police, I’m surprised he didn’t volunteer to cuff himself.

A Maidenhead, UK driver had one of the shortest rides to the police station of all time because according to Maidenhead police’s Twitter earlier today (June 12,2020) he flipped his hatch smack dab in front of one their police stations. Matters only got worse for the driver because after a cheek swab for narcotics, he tested positive for weed and cocaine.

Maidenhead, UK is a large city located 25 miles west of London as the crow flies. Ever seen Wheeler Dealers? Edd China’s from Maidenhead.

A quick look on Google Maps reveals their police station is off of a roundabout, a circular intersection foreign to us Americans but common in the UK. Although roundabouts are a dime a dozen across the pond, they require your full attention to navigate just right. This guy, coked out and high, did not have the wherewithal to drive in a straight line, let alone navigate a traffic circle.

According to KeepMyDrivingLicense.Co.UK and Auto Express, drug driving is punishable by a year license suspension, up to six months in prison and, sometimes fines upwards of around $6,200 (equivalent.) The UK is serious about this drug driving and will lay the hammer down on violators.

And crashing in front of police stations isn’t something new although it’s highly uncommon.

Mlive.com reports of a Michigan man intentionally crashing his truck into a Chelsea, MI police station. He didn’t go far before he was surrounded by cops.

The Times bulletin reports of a Hicksville, OH man crashing his rad 1997 GMC Jimmy into the Hicksville Police Department lobby. He was charged with an OVI (operating a vehicle while inebriated) shortly after.

Drunk and drug driving should never become a habit and should be nipped at the bud before it even starts.

If you’re around your drunk and/or high friends, snag the keys away from them and drive them home. If you know you’re prone to drunk or drug driving, don’t actively put yourself into situations where that’s the likely outcome.

It’s easier said than done but it’s avoidable.

This man can arguably call himself lucky, crashing near a bunch of cops who, after serving him with papers and sobering him up, will probably point him to some helpful resources.

It could’ve ended up a lot worse.


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