How do you show off your massive BBK upgrade without taking off your wheel? This VW owner found a way.

A VW Polo owner in Poland commissioned a one-off set of Porsche Turbo Twist wheels meant to show off his massive BBK upgrade. Meant for shows only, because one wheel has a spoke missing by design, some people think this Polo owner drives around like that. Whether or not he knows it, this Polish Polo owner inadvertently created a jimmy rustler.

Check out the three photos making car enthusiasts upset below.

Here’s one of the latest photo sets from the VW Polo owner.

And here’s a photo I came across on a separate post from the presumed wheel builder showing that this cut-spoke one is a sixth wheel, for show only.

Porsche Turbo Twist wheels came standard on Porsche 993 Turbo and Turbo S models. Built for only four years in the mid-90s and presumably sharing a lug-pattern with a handful of VW cars, these wheels are a period-correct OEM upgrade.

If you’re a Honda head, think of someone putting Acura Integra GS-R chrome star wheels on a Honda Civic. It’s similar logic.

One of the main reasons people swap on Porsche wheels on VWs is because it’s an asthetic upgrade that not only looks good but has all the durability of a factory wheel at the fraction of the cost (usually) compared to a new set of authentic wheels (like some 1552s.)

Cutting one apart is kind of verboten.

Then again, we don’t know the story behind this wheel, maybe it was damaged, and hey, it’s for SHOW ONLY PEOPLE!

Yes, it would be foolhardy to drive around on a wheel missing a spoke. The VW Polo owner’s poured thousands of dollars into his magnum opus so I doubt he’d mount on a set of dangerous wheels that, on the open road, would spell disaster for his pride and joy.

My hat’s off to this Polo owner on the execution, it’s exceptionally well done and it doesn’t look like someone’s taken a sawzall to a wheel minutes before the show.

It’s creative, clean, and gets the people “not in the know” super bothered. That’s a job well done, mate.


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