The owner of the Honda Civic has a GoFundMe to help him out with the repairs.

If you don’t want to read the rest of this blog post and just want to donate, GoFundMe linked here: GoFundMe for destroyed Honda Civic.

A wild scene played out in Chatsworth, California on the 10,000 block of Glade Ave. on what would’ve been a peaceful Saturday afternoon. According to Chatsworth resident Edy Perez in a video shared on Twitter, makings its rounds on social media, his wild and crazy neighbor was caught on smartphone camera wielding two hammers, smacking the living heck out of his Honda Civic while spouting out a string of racist remarks aimed at the Hispanic community.

Edy provides a bit of backstory to this incident via a Chatsworth Facebook page.

“We moved into this home early January 2019 , ever since moving in, our neighbor has been telling us to get out of this neighborhood and saying racial remarks , we did nothing because we never seen it as a threat considering she only said everything from afar. We are good-hearted people: where even though people say racial things we don’t retaliate we carry on with our day.”

I am currently in Miami for work, while this happened in our Chatsworth Ca home. My sister and my roommate were inside the house doing homework with the kids when they hear banging outside. Thats when my roommate took her phone out and started recording .

 I am not a high income earner and do not have full coverage insurance on our car , I started the gofundme page simply to get some help, I do not expect to reach the goal set on gofundme its just an open campaign to help pay for repairs and lawyer fees and court fees.”

“These are hammer damages, they are not dents that can easily be removed or pushed back out. We will have to replace every door damaged as well as the trunk etc

Edy’s original video is linked here but I’m posting a copy of the video below due to NSFW language written out in his original Twitter thread.

Presumably before this video started, this lady’s already been carrying out her handiwork, doling out thousands of dollars in damage. She approaches whoever is filming and says to, “Get the **** out of this neighborhood…you ******* ****.”

She then makes her way to the neighbor’s garbage cans, unsuccessfully trying to damage those bins. They’re made of durable plastics so I’m honestly confused what she was trying to accomplish there.

In the second half of the video we can see someone handling the situation personally, this woman ending up in a large shrub.

You can even see the Civic parked on Google Maps.

According to Edy police showed up, she was apprehended, cited and charged, but let go hours later in the morning. Apparently they are letting low-level criminals go ASAP to avoid any Covid related incidents.

Referencing LASD’s records, a person matching the name of the suspect released on Edy’s original Twitter thread was brought in on June 10, 2020, charged with a felony, and released the next day on OR (Own Recognizance) with a written promise to return to her court date on Oct 20,2020.

As of this writing, close to $5,000 has been raised of the $10,000 goal in a matter of hours. I don’t doubt Edy will reach his goal in no time.

No one deserves this type of treatment from a fellow neighbor. You don’t have to agree with your neighbor but you should mind your own business. Hopefully, this is a rude wake up call for that woman but I have my doubts if she’s learned anything.


  1. As usual there is no whole story included. Hispanic is not a race. How was this racist? I only saw a pissed off lady acting crazy. This didn’t occur for no reason but nice try.

    • To be fair, you’re probably right that the lady was just completely unhinged. But when you do that shouting “go the f*ck back to Mexico” because someone parked too close to where you feel your car is entitled to be on a public street it’s not much better.

      Best case we have a lady that is completely unhinged and a public danger that said racist things. Or she got that unhinged because she racist… not really the hill I think anyone would want to die on. Google the story. Hate to bust your fairy tale but there are a LOT of people with some racist views that come out when they’re drunk or angry.


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