Rule number 1- Don’t touch another man’s car, let alone vandalize it.

Instead of working out our problems and differences with our neighbor next door, some people think it’s logical to take out our anger on their property instead. Florida resident and Chevrolet Camaro enthusiast Chris Chavers shared an unbelievable set of photos showing the destruction his neighbor wreaked on his third generation Chevrolet Camaro project car. Allegedly his neighbor poured an acid mixture down Chris’s new Holley Sniper EFI Stealth 4-Barrel Fuel Injection conversion kit which subsequently made its way through his Small Block Chevy wrecking his engine.

Check out the photos, including an update with the police below,

The photos show a ruined Holley Sniper EFI, the acid completely pitting and corroding the 4-barrel beyond recognition. A peek under the valve covers and inside the engine reveals a layer of acid eating away at the engine internals, liquefying the engine into one gigantic metal soup. It’s safe to say but this engine is toast.

A quick look on Holley’s website reveals these Sniper EFI’s, even the refurbished ones, start out at $1,000 and only get more expensive from there.

My only guess is his neighbor poured some over-the-counter drain cleaner into his engine. Drain cleaners are mostly sulfuric acid which eats away at just about anything.

Like so many cranky neighbors before, according to Chris in the comments, this neighbor didn’t like how loud the Camaro was. Chris has a handful of videos sharing just how loud it is. With a powerful glorified air-pump under the hood and wide open space, this Camaro will make a lot of noise.

But then again, project cars are just a fact of life in the United States. And with a majority of the country in some sort of “Safer at home” order, people are working on their cars more now than ever. Neighbors with project cars will make noise.

Healthy ways of dealing with noise include having a polite chat with the project car owner making them aware that you’re bothered. That person will more than likely cut you some slack, maybe not run his project car for so long each start up or he might even throw on an old muffler set up lying around. You can also just close your windows and put on some music if you’re that annoyed.

The unhealthy and downright illegal way of dealing with a neighbor’s loud car is vandalism.

I sincerely hope local police follow up on this case and throw the book at his neighbor. Apparently Chris’s kid, who presumably also loves project cars, is more upset about the ruined small block more than he is.


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