Yah, that’s not a steering wheel cover.

You probably don’t want to see this next photo if you just ate lunch. Youtuber Nick Murray shared an interior shot of a Porsche 911 (997) stored by a friend in a damp, and dark garage for over three months. Wrapped tight, using an incorrect car cover, just plain stored incorrectly and, with humidity levels off the charts, the interior of the Porsche held ideal conditions for mold spores to grow and multiply out of control. What results is one of the most disgusting Porsche interior you’ll see.

Check out his photo below. If you’re wondering a Carrera 4 GTS MSRP’d for around $157,000.

Most of the touch points like the steering wheel, shift knob, doorsill, and, seat bolstering, are all places where the human body emits sweat, leaving its bacterial mark. Left uncleaned before the owner parked his Porsche, these are the hot-spots for mold to really take off.

The amount of mold on the steering wheel has to be a record for cars.

Remember when you left a piece of fruit in your backpack, forgot about it, and returned a few days later? Imagine that first whiff of mold and multiply that by a thousand. Just maybe you can recreate for yourself just how bad this Porsche smelled.

Storing a car and preventing mold is relatively easy. For one, if you cover your car, you’ll want to use an indoor car cover, one meant to breathe. A breathable indoor car cover will keep moisture from collecting and will also allow your car’s interior moisture to evaporate.

You’ll also want to disinfect any bacteria-ridden touch points like steering wheels, shift knobs, door handles, and infotainment buttons. You’ll want to choose an interior cleaner that either alcohol based or has anti-microbial properties.

If you live in a humid area, throwing in a couple of moisture absorbers and eliminators will pay dividends when you come back to a mold-free interior. Moisture absorbers are inexpensive, you can even find them at your local dollar store.

No one wants to come back to this interior nightmare, a potentially thousands dollars job if you don’t do it yourself, correctly, the first time around.

Do you have friends storing their cars for lengthy periods? Show them this Porsche photo and scare the living heck out of them.


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