Where do you go for bumpers and fenders when Honda discontinued those parts? Spoon Sports has the answer.

Spoon Sports is really doing the most for the import community by re-introducing discontinued bumpers and fenders for the 1992-1995 Honda Civic A.K.A. EG Civics. Dubbed the “Timeless collection,” these bumpers and fenders have all the fit and finish of the OEM pieces they’re based on with a handful of tiny touches meant to enhance performance but subtle enough only those in the know will be able to point out.

First is the FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) Honda Civic bumper. Spoon’s knocked out the plugs for factory fog lights and added mesh on all three grilles for extra cooling. Not only will the mesh protect your intercooler just in case you decided to go forced induction, it’s also a handy place to mount your front plate if you don’t want to get pulled over (you know those stickler police are out there.)

The fenders are just as trick; they fit onto your Honda Civic like stock but, keen eyes will notice these fenders are 9 mm wider. You can mount a slightly wider tire for that extra grip and your fenders won’t even rub when you slam your Honda on coils.

Both parts are finished in white so, if you’re rocking a Championship white finish, no need to paint these bad boys.

Shaped, molded, and engineered using Spoon’s latest technologies, they’re bound to last longer than their factory equivalent.

Priced at $1,345 before taxes for each, you have to pay to play.

Available only through GoTuning.com, pre-ordering before production is the name of the game.

With Golden Era Hondas just hitting their stride, re-making popular body, interior, and engine parts isn’t just taking a shot in the dark, it’s filling a niche in the aftermarket parts community that values quality above all else.


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