A 2017 Dodge Viper ACR held the previous record

Clifton Park-based Motorsports parts manufacturer and racing outfit AMT Motorsports brought the heat to a “home” track and reset the New York Safety Track record, beating the old track record by over a second. Covering the 2.14 mile length track in just 1:27.81, this 2004 Chevrolet Corvette bested a pro-racer and a much newer car, etching its name into the track’s history books.

Fortunately for us and as proof, AMT had Go-Pros running during the record.

The New York Safety Track is a relatively fresh track, opening just seven years ago. Carved into the woods of Jefferson, NY and with trees as safety barriers, it’s, as AMT put’s it, not safe at all.

The Corvette AMT is running is a 2004 Chevrolet Corvette powered by a bespoke Golen Engineering LS2 402ci engine. Although this engine makes 600 HP in a test cell, posts on AMT’s Instagram have this LS2 de-tuned for race duties.

AMT took the time to chronicle their record-breaking attempts in a blog post well worth a read.

The flying lap that entered the history books was on track visit number three, a track attack first attempted in May.

The first time AMT’s C5 hit the track for some fast laps, some less than ideal tires netted them into the 1:31 range.

On their second foray into history, a mis-matched set of wheels on fresh tires, although initially thought disastrous to a record, lowered the C5’s lap time to 1:29.6.

It was third times a charm this latest attempt with what sounds like the C5 finally set up correctly with the right tires and everything dialed in.

I set off on my first flying lap and tried to put everything together that I’d been working on the last 2 years.

Dipping into the 1:27’s consistently, AMT finally ticked off a 1:27.81, and the rest is history.

Although AMT shared the track with a handful of cars, they were able to carve in a flying lap with plenty of clean air in front of them. And, just by looking at the video, observing throttle inputs, oil, and, water temps, it sounds like everything was clicking along as planned.

Congrats, AMT on the record!

How long this current record will stand is only a matter of time.



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