The Subaru driver really said, “How fast can your Honda be? It’s a Honda.”

A high-stakes shootout with a pot worth more than some people make in an entire year happened earlier last weekend (June 13, 2020) somewhere in proverbial “Mexico.” According to Youtubers and drag race chasers, “Who Shot Ya” a grudge match between a 2002 Subaru WRX sedan and an AWD 1999-2000 Honda Civic Coupe went down with both drag racers putting their money where their mouths where.

Total pot? $38,000.

The first part of the video is from a week earlier, both racers going over the terms and conditions. It’s also where most of the friendly s*** talking happens.

The quote of the year comes from the Subaru driver. When goaded on that “he better have a 300 shot of nitrous up top” he responds with “I don’t need nitrous, it’s a Subaru.” The Civic owner fires back with a, “You’re going to need it!” whereas the Subaru driver foreshadows his demise by saying.

“It’s a Honda, how fast can it be?”

I’m not an expert in Honda drag racing and know little about what goes down in actual life races but allow me to spell out a worrying trend for non-Honda racers in the drag racing community.

There’s a growing trend of Honda owners dabbling and having major success with adding a driveshaft from an AWD CR-V (or something much beefier) to their FWD Civics, turning up the boost to obscene amounts) and laying down super quick times. Civics weigh nothing. Give them all the power and grip and it’s an ego destroyer for the dude in the other lane.

The Subaru driver is even more confident that he’ll lay the smack down against the Civic, giving him a car length and a half head start. But, when the light goes off, the Civic gets the hole shot, keeps his lead, and blows the doors off the Subaru. It’s embarrassing.

Even if the Subaru was just as fast as the Civic off the line and the Civic didn’t have a head start, my money would still be on the Civic.

That Civic owner just won himself a cool $19,000. That might sound like a lot but for serious drag racers, that’s probably enough to rebuild an engine, test and tune a little more, with just enough left over to enjoy a family night out and to pad your savings account.

No risk, no reward.

If you’ve got salty Subaru friends, show them this vid. It’s an angus pepperer for sure.


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