To distance themselves as far away from the Confederate flag as possible, this Ohio Texas Roadhouse is taking down anything remotely associated with the stars and bars of the Rebel flag.

Imagine you spend your hard earned time and money on a passion project piece to donate to your local community so everyone can enjoy it at their leisure and then find out six years later that they’re tearing your art work down. That’s the reality Raymond Kohn faced earlier yesterday (June 18,2020) when he found out that his local Texas Roadhouse was sending his classic Dodge Charger door, painted in the style of the General Lee, to the scrape yard, a door he himself painted and donated so all could enjoy.

Check out the gallery of photos and his words below.

If you didn’t already know, North East Ohio Dukes is a professional stunt team that’s built its solid reputation on jumping and driving classic cars much in the style of The Dukes of Hazzard. On over one occasion, stunt driver John’s taken recreations of the General Lee Dodge Charger off some sweet ramps to the delight and admiration of local Buckeyes and wherever his show takes him.

I don’t have to spell why Texas Roadhouse did what they did but arguably it’s been a long time coming. With NASCAR’s bold move, banning confederate flags at all there races, perhaps that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, prompting other establishments to reconsider what they display.

One of the waitresses said they took it down because of racism over the confederate battle flag that was on the car . We cannot put into words on how offended and discriminated we are. Its just a Dodge Charger door with a 01.

Although what John says is technically true, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make that logical hop, skip, and, jump from the door to what was attached to that door, then, to what was on the roof of that one car.

As mentioned, this is sort of a personal plea, too. According to John in the photo comments,

I painted it it’s been hanging up there since 2014. 

There’s a lot of history tied with the stunt team and that restaurant as both have been cordial, hosting presumably more than one event together.

Looking at it from the restaurant’s point of view, I understand how such blanket moves to keep their restaurants away from as much drama as possible is just getting ahead of the curve and putting your money where your mouth is.

On the other hand, scraping the door is not the most creative way to deal with this problem. Perhaps John can re-paint the door a different color, to distance them from the show (if that’s even a solution?) Maybe a re-spray in some good ol’ Red, White, and Blue would be a compromise.

While fans of this stunt team will recognize what Northeast Ohio Dukes is trying to do, saving a piece of history tied to a family TV show, and ultimately the identity of their stunt team, unfortunately, the large majority of Americans see anything tied to that flag as symbols of oppression.

I get what Northeast Ohio Dukes is doing, to save the door, but then again, it’s just business, nothing personal.


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