Ever seen a boat coasting along a highway without anything towing it? This Utah man did.

A truly unusual video hit the internet earlier today. According to Car Instagram account @818_1320 and a video they posted up, a man driving on I-15 in Midvale, just outside of Salt Lake City, came up on a boat coasting down the interstate still attached to its trailer letting gravity do the rest of the work.

Check out the amazing video for yourself below. Also, if anyone comes across the original video, can you link it to me in the comments so I can put it up here? Thanks.

This happened just before Exit 297 Northbound on I-15, as mentioned, in Midvale before the 215 intersection.

Here’s where they were on Google Maps.

In the video we see a man in his truck whip out his phone, slowing down, and filming the anomaly of traffic unfolding before him. A boat attached to a much large trailer has become detached and is now coasting along on the freeway.

Thank God this portion of the freeway is on a decline because if it was an incline a reversing boat is much harder to predict where it’s going.

“Dude’s boat is disconnected, there it goes. Boat’s driving itself!

At one point the boat passes the truck pulling the trailer which it was originally attached to. Can you imagine seeing your boat overtake you on the freeway? The chances of this every happening and being caught on camera must be off the charts.

Thankfully, the boat coasts into the barrier separating both sides of the freeway, the only damage occurring to the boat itself. The guy towing the boat pulls up in front of the trailer and presumably deals with his colossal f*** up.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a boat’s detached on the 15 in Utah. Back in 2009 a boat detached on the I-15 and caused one car to crash, injuring three.

Towing recreational vehicles and heavy equipment isn’t something to be taken lightly. After you double check all your connections, it would behoove you to check everything again.

It goes without saying but this situation could’ve turned out a lot worse.


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