Did this guy not see the reds and blues of an IMPD police vehicle already there?

Why this Dodge Charger tried to pull this stunt, knowing an Indianapolis police officer was watching, is beyond me. According to Indianapolis resident Cesar Castillo and a video he shared earlier yesterday (June 21,2020) Cesar was minding his own business, ordering his food from a local taco truck when a Dodge Charger started “swinging it” drifting in the parking lot.

Check out the video for yourself below.

It would’ve been quite the smoke show if it wasn’t for a police officer sitting right there, presumably responding to a previous call. The Dodge Charger driver, seeing the police officer, tried to correct his drift but misjudged the the curb, smacking it and getting his Charger stuck.

To make matters worse, it looks like he damaged his driveshafts or his rear diff so no power was being sent to the rear. He was “dead in the water.”

Stuck, probably looking at an expensive ticket, a tow home, and, a damaged car, the driver shouts into the night air, “G*d Da**! F***!” as police slowly walk over to assess the situation.

In the background, we can hear backup racing to the scene of the crash.

If you’re wondering, this is what the parking lot looks like on Google Maps. If you zoom in, you can even see several potholes.

According to the comments, it looks like this Dodge Charger driver is a local hooligan, always pulling off stunts like this. One commenter says,

“Me and my boy raced that dude last night now I see he f***** his s*** up same spot where we dusted him too on 38th and LaFayette. Bro that spot is pothole city in that parking lot.”

This guy did not have the best Saturday and will probably rethink pulling off stunts like this, especially in front of police.



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