The question is if it’s photoshopped or not.

There’s a photo of someone flipping off Donald Trump’s motorcade that’s going viral on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms, and we want to know if it’s real or not. While we can’t tell with 100 percent certainty if it is photoshopped, we can tell you that it’s definitely not from Donald Trump’s visit to Tulsa, Oklahoma earlier yesterday and most likely came from a visit to another state a few weeks ago.

Here’s the Reddit thread where this photo really took off.

Hero photographer unknown from r/pics

First, this photo is at least 10 days old. A simple image reverse reveals someone tweeting the same photo on June 10, 2020, several days after Donald Trump visited the state of Maine, driving through several small neighborhoods after landing in Bangor.

A couple of hours later we have this tweet from someone claiming this is their friend from Maine welcoming Trump.

Giving Trump the middle finger was the thing to do as several Maine residents protested near where Trump landed in Guilford.

A quick photo forensics of the large upload to Reddit reveals, at first glance, this image might be real.

Here’s what we see when we pass an Error Level Analysis filter through it, all the edges around the hand, the Cadillac beast, and trees appear to be consistent with no rainbowing indicating rough cuts.

Furthermore, all the flat edges like the ground, the surface of the limo, and the windows have a consistent shade.

A possible trouble area, which show up as shades of white, might be that presidential logo on the door, which, after saving the image multiple times, might be a great copy and paste job.

Additionally, the reflection of the person taking the photo including the crowd might just be an artfully done photoshop.

Logically, Secret Service would not let anyone get as close to “The Beast” as this person supposedly did without proper vetting.


Without an original image source, I’m calling this a great photoshop. More than likely someone took a photo of Donald Trump riding by, then, someone else photoshopped in a middle finger.

Again, this definitely was not during his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally and was originally posted days ago, most likely during his visit to Maine.

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