They call this crabbing or dog tracking.

If this car was a dog, it’d have an advanced stage of rabies and should be put down. According to two San Diego residents and video evidenced they shared to Facebook earlier this weekend (June 19, 2020) a Ford Focus sedan was caught on the State Route 94 driving sideways despite being T-boned on one side forcing the rear wheels to shift to the left.

Check out both videos below.

In both videos we can see a Ford Focus sedan driving in a straight line but the car itself is sideways. Since the Focus has its drivetrain and engine up front, even if it’s been in an accident, it technically still can limp along since all the rear wheels do is travel parallel with its subframe.

This is, however, extremely dangerous, driving a car that’s been in a serious accident with its unibody frame several tweaked. Depending which way the rear wheels are pointed, the car will want to under-steer or oversteer every time you turn a corner.

With these video two days apart, it’s safe to assume this car’s been on the road for the better part of a week. How this driver hasn’t been pulled over yet for operating an unsafe vehicle is beyond me.

According to, in California, driving an unsafe vehicle can get you a $240 fine before fees and one-point on your driving record. And if you get into an accident while driving an unsafe vehicle, one that injured property, other people, or even worse, killed someone, you’ll be on the line to compensate affected parties. There’s no defense for this Ford Focus driver to say, “I didn’t know” because the damage is quite obvious.

And, as good motorists, if you see cars like this on the freeway, it’s your duty to safely record as much information about that car as you can and report it to authorities. Who knows whose life you’ll save, preventing that car from causing a potential accident.


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