Within hours, Dillard launched his own line of shirts commemorating the momentous racist occasion.

A meltdown of epic proportions was captured by Seattle-based author, comedian, entertainer, and all-around cool guy Karlos Dillard after an alleged road rage incident he had on his way to pick up a post-mates order.

In his account of the event Karlos claims that this Karen overtook and brake-checked Karlos after Karlos was forced to merge in front of her with two lanes narrowing down to one. After Karlos almost slams into the back of her Geo Metro, she then flips him off, allegedly shouting “all this racial s*** at Karlos.

That would’ve been the end of it if she hadn’t proceeded to follow Karlos for three blocks. Karlos catches up to and confronts her asking, “why are you following me?” and, upon seeing she was being recorded, she backed out of the situation and left.

Karlos then followed her and at that point, that’s when Karlos’s 14+ minute video capturing the entire meltdown happens.

Here’s the link to Karlos’s video below including his explanation of what happened on Instagram stories.

In the first part of the video we see Karlos pull up on this Karen who is presumably parked outside of her Seattle apartment. Karlos, although agitated and ready for a confrontation, is still coherent, understandable, and somewhat diplomatic, willing to hear her out. Karlos asks her questions like,

  • Why did you flip me off?
  • Did you not cuss me off?
  • Karen, are you OK?
  • Can you explain to me calmly?
  • Mam, would you like to calm down?
  • Karen, would you like to calm down and let’s have a conversation?
  • My name is Karlos, would you like to speak to me?
  • Mam, what have I done to you?
  • Mam, if you didn’t do anything wrong, why can’t we just have a conversation.

Instead of answering any of Karlos’s questions, she goes from 0 to 100, goes into victim mode, low-key crouching into a fetal position, raises her voice several levels and at least one octave as she accuses Karlos of his imminent attack.

Soon, several people come out of the woodworks, concerned about the shouting going on but confused who exactly they should be defending.

At one point a complete stranger comes to defend this woman, but, upon hearing a level-headed Karlos explain what was what, concedes that this Karen is just hysterical and the best option would be to leave the immediate area, to defuse the situation.

At least two witnesses come forward to corroborate Karlos’s account of her following him before Karlos followed her.

After a few moments, Karen comes to her senses, still at a 9 out of 10 emotional level and, blubbering through sobs, tries her best to explain her side of the road rage to Karlos saying that she’s “all about this movement” and that ” if you knew me well, in my heart…”

After that half-hearted explanation she then offers her life story or some impromptu college essay-level explanation with the thesis statement being, “I might’ve road-raged at you but here’s why I’m actually a good person.”

Not having the time of day to listen to such a lengthy, and frankly useless, explanation, Karlos finally leaves.

.02 no one asked for

Although road rage is wrong and people get into it, it happens all the time. What’s not right is following people after the fact.

Leah definitely should’ve let sleeping dogs lie and, after spouting her alleged racist slurs at Karlos, should’ve just sped off. Karlos might’ve pulled the footage from his dash cam to shame her after the fact but, by following Karlos, she made the situation 10 times worse.

Also, the way Leah crouched into a fetal position in front of her license plate and totally flipped the script on Karlos, not willing to have a decent conversation like a normal person was not the move.

In my opinion, subconsciously she played into the whole, “single white woman being confronted by an “aggressive” black man” act to gain some kind of sympathy points and flip the script from “I got caught road-raging at you” to “I feel like I’m being attacked and you will attack me!”

I put aggressive in quotes because Karlos was doing his best to keep his distance from her, address her politely, and to ask understandable questions.

It irks me how people cannot be emotional but also have an honest exchange of words, even though it’s heated. It bothers me how this woman went into some defensive crouch and wouldn’t engage Karlos on his level. She had the presence of mind to defend Karlos’s accusations to passerbys but couldn’t work out her beef with him directly.

And what’s with the touching?

My hats off to Karlos for staying somewhat level-headed and giving this lady a slight chance at redemption even though her explanation was “my actions are bad but I’m really a good person.”

If you’d like to buy a “Karen, are you OK?” shirt, the link’s here.

I hope a ton of people buy these.


  1. This is a sick doxx from a self proclaimed “viral star” and “actor” a complete stunt. His Twitter handle phonetically reads “white people hate”. This is a hate crime against him to help his career. This article is disgusting.

    • Ok what about her following him she followed him first did you not read that..ohh so it’s ok for her to follow him because she is a white women an everything that white people do it’s ok but lord forbid a black person do it even if they do it after it’s done to them is a crime..see that’s the problem now i don’t care what color you are you should be held accountable as a equal right is right wrong is wrong

    • She’s a super Karen, arguably worse than a regular Karen. She pulled that out like it makes her immune to consequences from being an a** h***.

      • What evidence do you have, beyond the grifter’s claim, that she called him a racial slur? Looks like he’s fishing for much needed attention, just like our grifter president.

  2. This man a stalker and a phony. Your promoting him makes you one too. He has a history of harassing woman with contrived racism claims. I hope he is sued for every penny he’s grifted.

  3. Now Dillard’s grifting t shirts. I hope her black husband finds this racist and beats the living **** out if him.

  4. Yeah, a misogynistic attack on someone who is very clearly having a huge panic attack. Really hitched your cart to a good one there.


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