Police spotted the Impala driver walking uphill in the middle of the night to a nearby gas station.

Your engine stutters, coughs, and just shuts off, running out of gas can be a stressful situation for anyone, so when Rockwall, TX resident, who goes by KJayy Cuzz, ran out of gas less than a mile from a gas station, he was frustrated. But according to a Facebook post from earlier last week (June 19, 2020) not only did police help KJayy to the gas station to get some gas to make it it home, they did him a solid and filled has tank to the brim.

Check out the bit of good news and community policing below.

Chevrolet Impalas of this year have a 17-gallon tank so Rockwall Police dropped about $32 of gas into this man’s tank.

According to a handful of commenters and fellow Texas residents, one of the officers, Officer Parker, is known for being one of the good guys.

One commenter witnessed the police officers helping JKayy push his car up that hill,

“I witnessed them pushing your car that night. Getting up the hill was a challenge. That was very kind of them to fill your tank. Good on you two officers !

Charlisa Wright said,

I remember Mr. Parker! He pulled me over one day lol and let’s just say ??? he was very nice and let me go. Any other officer would have taken me to jail ??

Yet another said,

I know officer Parker and he is a great guy! Glad you were blessed by this ❤️

In today’s heated political climate it’s hard to sift through the news without coming across a story about a bad police officer, so it’s refreshing to come across a story where police were just being a couple of bros, helping a fellow man.

I’ve been there, my car not starting because I couldn’t afford to put gas the day before, thinking there was enough to make it to work. So, I know the panic when you know you’re facing “one of those days.”

And I know the relief when someone does you a solid. In my case, the AAA tow truck driver didn’t just put in enough gas to make it to a gas station but he emptied his entire gas can, a good five gallons. Sure, it’s not his gas, but he could’ve just poured the required amount.

Good actions, like what these Rockwall Police did ripple into the community, inspiring others to pay it forward.

Thank you Rockwall PD for setting a good example.


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