This pathetic BMW owner looked if the coast was clear, picked out a good key for scratching, and dragged it across the quarter panel of this guy’s Tesla Model 3.

Were you near Tuolumne Grove in Yosemite on June 18,2020 or know this Asian dude and his family that might live in the Monterey area? According to Tesla Model 3 owner @gambittesla on Twitter, a fun day of hiking in Yosemite turned to frustration when he returned to his Tesla Model 3 to find a huge scratch that wasn’t there before. After looking at his Tesla’s footage captured from Tesla’s sentry mode, a suite of cameras normally used for auto-pilot repurposed as surveillance cameras, he found the culprit, this Asian man.

Now, he needs your help to identify who this guy is. Here’s his post below including his family.

Here’s where they were on Google Maps.

As you can see, the offending suspect has a serious case of a receding hairline known as a widow’s peak. The daughter’s face has been blurred, but she’s wearing a Monterey Sevens tournament T-shirt which could be a strong clue identifying who she is and, subsequently the father.

Several commenters already volunteered to follow up on this lead to see if anything pops up.

Others have asked if sentry mode caught this guy’s front license plate which would be an obvious clue leading to the owner.

It takes a special scumbag to enjoy a wonderful day outdoors and then get so jealous at something so petty that you destroy someone else’s property.

Well, your face is on the internet, sir, and Tesla owners all around California will recognize your face eventually.

If you have an inkling who this person is, go ahead and DM or reply to @gambittesla.


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