This is a staged skit but let’s enjoy how it plays into stereotypes, anyway.

A viral video skit from Facebook video stars “The Justin Flom Show” filmed in Henderson, NV shows some clueless teenage girl trying her darndest to fill up the family rental. It’s not the “stick the credit card in the slot, pull out the nozzle, and pump till it clicks” part she can’t handle, it’s the “how do I line up my van to the correct side of the pump?” part. You’d think she’d get it the second time around but, as the skit shows, she fails a hilarious four times before fifth times a charm.

Check out this “raised on Tik-Tok & hot cheetos” girl ham it up for the camera below.

Mr. Flom’s conveniently parked backwards in front of the gas station convenience store to get a better angle of the action. Justin alleges he started filming on her second attempt. OK, let’s pretend.

After this girl realizes she’s pulled up to the wrong side for the second time, she buckles up (what a good driver) and swings around to what would’ve been the perfect move, except she backs up and pulls forward to the wrong side yet again. Strike three.

On her fourth attempt, she pulls a U-turn, drives onto the other side of the pumps and tries to fake us out by parking far from the pumps in a “is she going to park or not” sort of move. Of course she parks and “realizes” she’s wrong. Strike…four?

On her fifth-times-a-charm attempt, she reverses and finally sets herself up for success with the gas pump on the driver’s side. Cheers commence.

Here’s that gas station on Google Maps.

As I’m writing this, 25,000 people are watching live with over five million views and counting.

What would’ve made it more believable is if Justin filmed from one of the pumps with some epically bad camera angles and maybe used an android instead. Also, failing four times was pushing it, but I guess it worked!

Also, as so many have pointed out in the comments, if you’re not sure what side of the pumps you should pull up to, look on your gauges near your fuel level indicator and there’s usually an arrow pointing which side you need to pull into.


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