I don’t know he thought he’d make it easier on himself by walking away, with a handful of smartphones filming his face and all.

A BMW and Mercedes driver were, according to witness Richard Linares, traveling at a high rate of speed down C St. in Oxnard, Calif earlier last week (June 23,2020) when both lost control, the BMW 4-series crashing into a pole and fishtailing out of control before landing backwards in front of Tacos D.F. Other witness video emerged shortly after showing the BMW driver, seemingly unharmed from the crash, climb out of his sedan and walk off before police could arrive.

Check out photos of the crash and an eyewitness video taken shortly after the accident.

A quick look on Google Maps shows why this is a popular street to speed. With no center divider between traffic, smooth roads, and palmed lined streets, it’s the ideal location to race between stoplights.

We can assume both the Mercedes and BMW driver were travelling towards the intersection at 6th. and C. St. based on how the pole fell and according to Richard’s account.

Happening after 5:30 P.M. Richard comments how,

It is a miracle there were no major injuries nor deaths as this street has a lot of pedestrians and luckily the restaurant was closed at the time of the accident.

The individual in this car was taken to the hospital and most likely will go to jail afterwards.

It was also irresponsible of that BMW driver to walk away. Ironically enough the driver ended up going to the hospital. After a crash like that, while your car can protect you as best it can, internal injuries and concussions are injuries you can’t just walk off and diagnose on your own. If he had waited for police like he should’ve he arguably could’ve gotten to the hospital faster.


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